Emmaflam & Miniman Handmade Miniatures

Miniature Galleries

Browse through the following galleries to see examples from some of the thousands of pieces we have produced over the last five years. The majority of these pieces are now in private collections all over the world.

Although recognised mostly for our cakes and pastries, you will quickly see that our miniature creativity in fact goes much further...enjoy!

Please note that this section is a gallery and not an inventory; we do not have these items "in stock", but please do enquire if you would like to commission similar pieces.

Cakes 1

A selection of our sweet foods including a wide variety of cakes, pastries, gateaux, French pâtisserie and much more!

Cakes 2

A further selection of miniature classic French pastries and other luxurious sweet treats from around the world.

Marie Antoinette Collection

A collection of miniatures inspired by the movie "Marie Antoinette". Also includes a video presentation of the collection.

Savoury 1

A selection of savoury foods including lots of traditional French fayre.

Savoury 2

A further selection of our miniature savoury foods.

Mixed Food Gallery

Mixed food items including fruits, vegetables and some novelty pieces.

Non-Food Gallery

A gallery of items demonstrating other avenues which we like to explore in miniature.